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Having trouble reaching your whole organisation?

Do you need a compelling corporate animation?


A picture tells a thousand words however unfortunately this also means that there may be a thousand interpretations of that story. A great solution is to build consistency with a compelling short minute animation. 

At Ink Strategy we build kickass awesome animations to translate your corporate story into a lively animation. Whether you are telling a corporate story, building communication to support a new change program or advertising a new product or service; Ink Strategy can help you drive your message home. 

An animation helps you reach a large audience of 1000 - 10.000 persons

An animation is essential in a communication toolbox to support consistent communication.

Can be used online through multiple channels. For instance: websites, events and social media. 

We can tailor your design with your corporate guidelines.

A successful case


For Lease plan Ink Strategy has created numerous animations for corporate communications. After facilitating a kick off to engage the key stakeholders we developed a short storyline that we turned into a lively short animation. It is often difficult to imagine that a financial program can be engaging but at Ink Strategy we'll take on that challenge.

The Process.

Ink Strategy will guide you through a creative process.

We've created over 150 animations so we will take care of you along the way! 



In a co-creation design process Ink Strategy wil help you draft a storyline and a visual to tell your story. We can work in your corporate style guide. 



​We will create a static storyboard with the scenes of your animation broken down to individual scenes to give you complete control of the creative process.



We will record a professional voice-over and develop a rough moving animation and guide through a smooth feedback process.



Ink Strategy will upload a final animation in the file format needed for your communication plan.

A successful case

For a partnership between a number of NGOs and The the ministry of foreign affairs  Ink Strategy created multiple graphic explanations to explain different business processes. This is an example of an animation that explains a process flow with proposed improvements.


Energy peace partners


A short animation that explains a complicated new financial instrument that helps developing countries invest in renewable energy. This animation was launched as an external marketing tool and used during presentations to new potential investors.

A successful case

Screenshot 2019-02-13 at 6.31.02 PM.png

At Coa we developed at video to introduce a number new iniatives to the organisation. We did this by creating a persona that was used in different forms of communication. This animation was used at conferences, events and for the general roll out of the corporate story.


A successful case


Together with the HR department at DSM, Ink Strategy was asked to help visualise and animate a hand drawn storyline to explain the employee value proposition. The process of creating a visual and poster helped to consolidate the story and was used to engage the current and future workforce.

A short teaser animation 

An animation introduce a topic at the beginning of an online game. 

A tech explanation video

For complicated IT structures we can create a longer video animation explanation with voice overs and a more complex animation style. 

Key success factors. 

An awesome animation needs to be cativating. Our reccomendation is to have a written storyline of no more than 150 words

We recommend having a storyline written before we start to design a storyboard. This keeps the process efficient and saves your team time.

You can chose from 3000 voice-overs in all different languages but we can also add subtitles in every language possible. 

An animation comes to life with some background music and sound effects

We recommend including all key stakeholders during the design session to reduce the touch points during the feedback rounds.

Can we help you create an animation?

In order to get in touch with us fill our the form so someone at Ink Strategy can get your a quote as soon as possible! 

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