Design thinking in portfolio management .

BAM Regio Noord West is part of the broader BAM group and has to identify clearly what part of the portfolio is theirs. The different individual business cases that collectively are combined to develop a strategic portfolio must be connected and talked about with the entire group to ensure alignment and increase the organisations impact. 


Creating a vision on portfolio management 

BAM regio Noord West has a broad portfolio to offer to its clients - ranging from small construction projects to large maintenance contracts or taking care of electricity and airconditioning. Their question to us: help us make choices in what work to attract and tell 1 shared story about who we are in, and outside the company. 


Co-creation with a new and diverse team.

After having designed a general vision of BAM NW, we defined specific criteria for whether or not to actively attract projects. This prioritisation of the key criteria helps the newly formed team to structure discussions around a shared vision of what good looks like.  Blind spots on people's positions, and how they would usually share the BAM NW story, came to the surface and were addressed. BAM NW employees know what vision they are working towards and all tell the same story about it - in and outside the company. Sales people now have an easy checklist to decide what projects to pursue and which to let go.


Sharing the story in the organsation

Then, with a storytelling workshop we tailored their story to resonate with their audience and always start with 'why'. According to the roll-out plan the entire organisation is now being engaged. We also developed a video  that explains the story in a short two minute engaging animation. 

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