A great strategy needs to be inspiring. Imagine what your strategy could do if your team were engaged in creating something like this!

Are you looking for clarity

in a complex issue?

Make your strategy engaging with a bigger picture.

We combine consulting with a design approach to visualise the strategy or vision of your organisation. In the process of co-creation with different stakeholders, we help everyone to align so they tell the same story and engage in activating change. The output? An awesome visual that helps you share your story in a clear and compelling way. The outcome? An aligned and engaged team that is eager to spread the change.

A bigger picture helps you understand the essence of a complex issue. It provides an overview and lets you explain your story.

A visualisation is attractive! It taps into the imagination of people and lets them have an amazing experience.

A visual creates a common language across stakeholders and disciplines. It helps you get to the point and be concrete.

A strategic visual is an innovative communication tool. It will open up conversation and engage people.

Our process.

Ink Strategy will guide you through a four-step creative process. 



A great project begins with understanding the underlying story. We will analyse the existing content, speak to key stakeholders and send out surveys in order to understand your challenge



We follow a double diamond design process of diverging, clustering and converging. It's an iterative co-creation process from the start. Trust the process, we'll coach you and your team through the unknown. 



Our team of designers will start building an awesome visual to showcase your strategy, vision or business process. This will include a number of feedback sessions and storytelling workshops. Watch your own visual grow into a professional presentation. 



Once we have crafted a strong foundation, we can look at building other forms of support for change communication, to spread your message throughout the organisation. Think about: animations, workshops, roadshows, posters and social media campaigns. 

What our clients say about us.


We saw Nuon’s leadership team struggling to develop an easy to articulate, collective vision. Together, we embarked on a mission to engage the management in a creative process to develop a vision that was both simple in its message, but more importantly, supported by change ambassadors. The challenge was to develop a vision that went beyond the closing of one of their power production plants.  


"I’ve experienced  that you are exceptionally good listeners: you truly hear what we say and act upon it. It’s been a real pleasure working with

Ink Strategy."

Caroline Heesbeen

HR Director Heat Vattenfall/Nuon

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8 ways to make sure your

project is a success.

In our experience these 8 key ingredients contribute to a fun, engaging and impactful project.


The process aims to align people, so make sure to involve your key stakeholders.


Reserve a large room for the design session, without tables or chairs and with a lot of free space on the wall. It helps you think freely.


Trust the process. It is different than what you are used to. It might be scary. It will all be okay.


Consider the time of day. A pizza design session is fun. But, another time will probably be more productive.


Ensure people in your surroundings are aware of what you are working on. Be open. Visions created in back rooms don’t land well.


Make sure the bigger picture fits in a holistic communication plan and plan ahead for rollout.


Explore the possibilities of expanding the reach of your story with Ink Strategy. We are designers and we love to share our toolbox. You can get more out of it!


Alignment and communication of a vision are different from engagement and implementation. Read more about our activation workshop here.


Is your strategy as engaging as it should be?

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