The Challenge

How do we Ensure Employees Stay Cyber Safe - Now and in the Future?

Retail giant A.S. Watson understands cyber awareness for its people is an essential ongoing process. The organisation’s Cyber Security department wanted employees to be more cyber aware - now and for the future.

Building on a previous collaboration with Ink Strategy on this topic, ASW wanted people to understand the dangers of existing and new data security threats. Without daily diligence and good habits of behaviour, the organisation could become yet another global victim of cybercrime.

The department asked us to design, build and manage its latest cyber awareness campaign so the message would stick - and employees adjust their behaviours accordingly.

A.S. Watson

How do we Ensure Employees Stay Cyber Safe - Now and in the Future






During this 9-month engagement we put together relevant Cyber Ready topics in four sprints for maximum impact.

Number of awareness assets designed and published:


Number of awareness assets designed and published:

Over 95%

Number of employees empowered with Pause, Think and Protect principles:


The Approach

Adaptive, Co-creative and Visual Communications

Ink Strategy took a co-creative approach:

We took a grassroots approach, connecting teams through networking during the whole process. This was to get people engaged and aligned. First, each workstream co-created a visual metaphor for their own ‘silo’ and track strategy. Workshops created space for feedback and different perspectives to be heard. The process allowed us to build a ‘bigger picture’ story for all the teams together. We ran large group events to practise storytelling and create story ambassadors. We designed an interactive website and animation to share the big story across the whole organisation.

Ink Strategy facilitated the project remotely:

After clearly defining roles, we held regular multiple-stakeholder meetings with online tools, including a digital dashboard. A flexible and efficient way to gather ideas, co-create new campaign content, check progress on different workstreams and enable fast feedback.

A Playful Approach to E-Learning:

Ink Strategy introduced gamification into the campaign. At the heart of it, we designed personas, or mascots. To embody the change. To make the learning experience more human. To bring the cyber challenges to life.

We facilitated playful sessions to iteratively design an engagement toolbox with a compelling story to support employee training in cyber awareness. The process included co-creative brainstorming, storyboarding and fast prototyping. This allowed us to design strong mascot characters and other powerful visual awareness assets.

We helped to design an E-learning program, Cyber Game. This was to visually engage the audience and evaluate their learning.

Animations in each module introduced employees to typical cyber incident situations. When employees gave their response they were given an explanation for the correct answer as part of their learning.