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How to design an engaging change communication across the globe?

Ink Strategy helped Arcadis to shape their change communication plan from day one. Arcadis is a world-renowned design and consultancy agency. It’s a growing organisation that has a reputation for designing and consulting on some of the most prestigious buildings in the world. Growth also comes with a need to develop a standard and high-quality way of working so clients and employees always know what to expect. One Arcadis way is the new standard way of working that will be unrolled globally to 2700 employees.

A short video on the collaboration to design and build the global interactive experience. 

During this 12-month engagement (part of a longer assignment) we worked with all departments…

Facilitated team building and leadership training sessions held:


Executive Board members coached:


Employees positively impacted:



An engaging global platform designed to capture the change

A global consultancy needs a global way of working. Ink Strategy worked with the CIO and technology department to help build strategic communication around a global transformation. In the process, Ink Strategy worked with a number of different consultancies, including PwC, to create an engaging storyline that told the change story. 

The communication platform consisted of an interactive website, a hand-drawn video animation and an array of engaging creative workshops to create as many ambassadors as possible in the process. 

visual change communication outsell
A visual roll out of the different building blocks was the starting point of this program 


An award winning communication plan and change implementation

After we created a visual foundation for change communication, we worked intensively to develop a storyline that could be used for a hand drawn animation. In addition we also created an interactive platform to help support the change communication. In the following year, Arcadis was nominated for a change excellence award for the strategic communication around the Arcadis way. 

snapshot interactive platform change communication
A snapshot of the interactive platform on an ipad

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