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Co-creation to deliver a winning tender document



How to deliver a winning tender document?

BAM Bouw & Techniek asked us to increase their chances of winning an important tender by aligning their internal contributors, co-creating an engaging tender submission supported by visuals and developing their team effectiveness in the process.

winning tender document


Co-creation to deliver a winning tender document

A tender document contains a wide array of information ranging from topics like safety, to processes, price and timeline. To create a convincing document, different stakeholders both inside and out need to be aligned and the information to be presented in an accessible way. We thus focused on 2 main components: improvement of communication and working together as a team on the one hand and creating a strong storyline supported by visuals to be submitted as the tender document on the other. 

Our way of working brings together design and change expertise. In this case an energising co-creative experience with visual thinking at its core in combination with guided evaluation and feedback sessions allowed us to facilitate BAM in what they needed.

Visual of winning tender
We co-created a visual that represents the project


A winning tender

Over the course of three months, we went through an insightful and innovative process together with the BAM team. Applying our design mindset and holistic approach we built a visually compelling document. This that helped BAM win the tender, and laid the groundwork for better cooperation and more wins in the future. 

Using our design mindset, we crafted a visually appealing and cohesive document. The document not only captured the attention of the decision-makers but also conveyed the message effectively. Our holistic approach ensured that every aspect of the proposal aligned with BAM’s brand and vision. This created a seamless and engaging experience for the readers.

Our collaboration with BAM was not only about winning the tender, but also about building a strong and long-lasting relationship. We invested time in understanding their values, culture, and goals, which allowed us to develop a deep understanding of their needs and challenges.

As a result of our partnership, BAM not only won the tender but also established a strong foundation for future collaborations. Our innovative approach and design thinking helped them stand out from the competition.

Winning tender
We advised BAM for the lay out design for their winning tender.

Robert-Jan Coerant

Tender Manager BAM Techniek

“ Working together with INK really helped to communicate our project plan to our client. Like they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Not only is the message we wanted to carry out supported by drawings and visible at a glance, the process also helped us to specify the text to make it more to the point.

Above all, working together on the visual output of our plan is great fun and keeps the team motivated!”

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