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Implementing a Social Transport Vision


Creating a shared sense of purpose

The municipality Amsterdam has developed a Social Transport Vision (TSV) for the city of Amsterdam. Different stakeholders are involved and responsible to realize the TSV together: Internal employees from both social and transport perspectives but also external stakeholders like Cliëntenbelang Amsterdam (CBA), GVB and VRA. 

Implementing the TSV requires collaboration and a shared sense of purpose, but stakeholders still had different wishes/views on the future state, and there was no actionable plan yet for implementing that vision.


Creating momentum through co-creation

We aimed to create momentum in the implementation of the Social Transport Vision (TSV) by connecting different stakeholders and gathering concrete input from them to foster collaboration.

With a team of Inkers we organized three workshops with various stakeholders (under which citizen interest) focused on promoting collaboration, inspiration and action-oriented thinking. To encourage engagement and alignment on a deeper level, we created a core quadrant exercise to help stakeholders get to know each other better and develop a team identity. Also, a feedback exercise was provided to focus on practical strategies and create a supportive environment. Stakeholders left with a renewed commitment to collaboration and a better understanding of how to achieve it.  

Using a co-creation approach, we visualized with all the stakeholders what social transport should look like in practice (in the future). We discussed the challenges that prevent this vision from being realized. To create focus, we prioritizes two challenges to build further on as a group and encourage stakeholders to take responsibility and commit to realistic collaboration agreements and a short-term action list to move forward.

Our workshop where we focused on increasing collaboration.


Increased collaboration and a more cohesive approach

Our approach to create momentum in implementing the Social Transport Vision (TSV) was successful in connecting various stakeholders, actively listening to the different wishes and concerns of each stakeholder, resulting in motivation, increased collaboration and a more cohesive approach to achieve the TSV goals.

The visualisation of the social transport vision of Amsterdam that we co-created with stakeholders.

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