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Connecting teams to one compelling change story at ING.


How do we get teams aligned in a digital change journey?

ING was undergoing a massive digital transformation. It wanted to take services online yet continue to offer clients a strong and personalised experience. ING Wholesale banking had eight different teams working on the big strategy tracks but soon ran into problems. The teams had fallen into silo working. Ink Strategy was called in to help bring things back together and get everyone aligned.

During this 3-month engagement we provided change support…

Compelling holistic change stories created (1 being the goal):


Track strategies visualised:


Number of story ambassadors trained to roll out the change story:



Connecting teams through networking and co-creation for change

We took a grassroots approach, connecting teams through networking during the whole process. This was to get people engaged and aligned. First, each workstream co-created a visual metaphor for their own ‘silo’ and track strategy. Workshops created space for feedback and different perspectives to be heard. The process allowed us to build a ‘bigger picture’ story for all the teams together. We ran large group events to practise storytelling and create story ambassadors. We designed an interactive website and animation to share the big story across the whole organisation. 

Workshop session ing change


Everyone aligned and working together with one goal

The organisation has a clear picture of how the different tracks support the big goal. Different teams know each other better. Bridges built and connections getting stronger by the day. Employees have a better understanding of how they can contribute to the bigger picture. Visual presentations help to tell new people and a wider audience about the project.

A digital platform built for employees to navigate the change story.

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