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Improving vision for technology


Creating a compelling vision in technology

The newly set up technology office at KPN identified a number of different work-streams as part of KPN’s digital transformation. The office formed new teams to work on these work-streams, dividing them into three main topics: the next generation network, new value propositions for clients, and components of the digital transformation.

Ink Strategy received a briefing to engage all of the different work-streams in a co-creation process to develop a vision for where KPN would want to be within these topics.

An example of a video used for internal communication.

During this 6- month engagement we worked with 8 work streams…

Number of employees that developed a visual story around their workstream:


Number of employees reached by new vision



Engaging with the workstreams

In order to create alignment and engagement Ink Strategy sat down with each of the eight work-streams to create visual stories of the different teams by finding their own metaphor to tell the story. 

Following a grassroots approach to designing vision from the bottom up we collected all of the individual stories into one overarching organisational vision that connected the dots. 

A team of Inkers worked with KPN for half a year to design and iterate on the visions and help create compelling change communication material to engage the rest of the organisation. 

We also facilitated storytelling workshops with different stakeholders in order build personal stories around the vision. 


An aligned vision that drives the digital transformation foward

Throughout the project, we provided KPN with visually appealing and thoughtfully designed communication tools to effectively convey their strategy. However, our focus went beyond the deliverables, as we placed a strong emphasis on fostering a collaborative process. By involving different workstreams in this process, we were able to help them develop compelling vision and strategy that propelled their organisation forward and digital transformation forward.

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