Designing an inspiring vision in uncertain times



How to empower employees to co-create a vision after closing the plant?

Nuon will close its coal energy plant in Amsterdam in the near future due to an increased focus on sustainability. The impending closure has substantial effects on the people working there: some will lose their job, most have to retrain, relocate and adapt their behaviour. All feel uncertainty and crave a future vision to work for beyond closure.

Nuon asked us to help keep their employees optimally engaged throughout the process of closing the plant and building a new vision of the organisation afterwards.

vision building for Nuon

During this 12-month engagement (part of a longer assignment) we worked with all departments…

Facilitated team building and leadership training sessions held:


Executive Board members coached:


Employees positively impacted:



Playful vision building workshops

We saw Nuon struggling to develop a collective vision that was easily articulated throughout the leadership team. Together with Nuon management, we embarked on a mission to engage the management in a creative process to develop a vision that was both simple in its message but more importantly supported by change ambassadors. The challenge was to build a vision that went beyond the closing of one of the power production plants.

vision building workshops
Working with leadership to explore alterantive scenarios through a game outdoors


Team transformation day and vision storytelling for impact

After building a draft vision in a number of workshops with the management team, Ink Strategy organised a team retreat. The location was chosen to bring the management team out of their comfort zone; Pampus Island near Amsterdam. Building on prior research we designed several experiences and exercises aimed at recognising the challenges of the current situation, embracing the new vision and building supportive behaviour together. For example, we walked through a dark tunnel to experience and reflect on the unknown. We developed a team engagement game to build a collective story with tape, paper, pens and paper and we infused the day with creative ice breakers and energisers.  

As an implementation tool, we helped team leads get their team members on board using storytelling. We trained team leads to present the new vision and change story in a very hands-on and personal way to facilitate dialogue.

Visual for vision building
The final visualisation co-created with leadership

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