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How to co-create understanding of the OR group vision & strategy and activate the organization?

Reykjavik Energy (OR) is an energy- and utility group that utilizes natural resources in a sustainable and efficient way to serve homes, businesses, and institutions through four separate subsidiaries. Because these subsidiaries are operating independently, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same group vision & strategy. Misunderstandings about the group vision & strategy can lead to a lack of alignment and cooperation, which can hinder progress and success on a group level. 

Furthermore, in order to achieve the group vision & strategy, OR understood that it is important employees identify themselves with the group vision & strategy on a business content level (e.g. act more customer centric), but also on a culture level (e.g. take initiative). Understanding of the OR culture and behavioral patterns is key in defining the required culture change to realize the group vision & strategy.

During this 12-month engagement we delivered results that were needed to create understanding of the group vision and strategy and active employees towards it…

Number of employees trained tell the same vision story:


Number of co-creation sessions:


Number of people completed a train-the-trainer course on storytelling:



Co-create bigger picture of group vision & strategy and behavioral change journey 

Using interviews as a start, we established a relationship of trust and gathered understanding of the vision & strategy from an OR and subsidiaries perspective. After that, we co-created ‘a bigger picture’ of that desired state with the C-level, using visual metaphors that felt representative for each subsidiary. Workshops created space for feedback and different perspectives to be heard. During the co-creation sessions, the members actively participated in the design process, fostering a sense of ownership in the final product.

In addition, we created a visual representation of the change journey that employees will need to go through, in order to realize the group vision & strategy. We identified the current dynamics within OR, including the behaviors that keep the current situation in place. Building on these dynamics, we defined desired behaviors that support the group vision & strategy and the change levers that will help employees during this change journey. 

Lastly, we supported and helped C-level, management and growth agents (responsible to catalyse growth in OR) to bring the vision & strategy and culture story in a uniform way that is personal, addresses the needs of the wider organization and has impact.

Output of co-creation session on cultural (behavioral) change
Design process of translating output from co-creation session into visual metaphor and improvement during multiple version
Energizer exercise during storytelling workshop with c-level and management


Aligned and embraced group vision & strategy and supporting behaviors

The visual overviews help employees in OR and the subsidiaries (on all levels) gain a deep understanding of the group vision & strategy, and the cultural (behavioural) change that is required. Now, OR has the tools and trained resources they need to activate everyone (OR and subsidiaries) and drive progress towards the group vision & strategy. Subsidiaries are aware of what is expected from them and how to contribute to the group vision & strategy. Because of this, subsidiaries feel more connected to the OR group and work more effectively as a whole. 

Visualisation of OR vision and strategy
Visualisation of OR culture  

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