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Roadmapping strategy with leadership


How to help develop team dynamics on different strategic priorities?

We had the chance to work with the Tata Communications ‘deep dive’ into the leadership’s priorities for the next couple of years and work on their roadmapping strategy. Our challenge was to help develop team dynamics by visually facilitating discussions on the different strategic priorities and build their roadmapping strategy. Our approach included lean start up, business model canvas and a people centred design approach. 

During this 2- month engagement we worked with all departments…

Number of employees that developed a visual story around their own strategic priority:


Number of achtion plans developed to activate the strategy in the organisation:


Number of employees reached by an animation created after event:



Iterative co-creation for roadmapping strategy

Our team took a holistic approach to design their roadmapping strategy. We utilized three methodologies: lean start-up, business model canvas, and people-centered design, to create a comprehensive strategy that was tailored to the unique needs of the organization.

The lean start-up methodology allowed us to quickly test and validate assumptions, enabling us to rapidly iterate and adjust our strategy based on feedback and insights. This approach was crucial in the industry, where changes can happen rapidly, and strategies must be agile to keep up.

To create a structured understanding, we utilized the business model canvas. This approach provided clarity and structure to the strategy, allowing us to align our efforts with Tata Communications’ priorities effectively.

Finally, we took a people-centered design approach to empathize with stakeholders and develop solutions that truly met their needs. By understanding the needs, behaviors, and preferences of the individuals involved in the project, we were able to create solutions that were more effective, leading to better adoption rates and overall success.

We used visual thinking to fine tune and validate ideas during a three day event.


Compelling storytelling and strategies to move the organisation forward

Our deliverables during this project were visually attractive and well designed communication tools to communicate the strategy but more importantly we embraced a creative and engaging process in order to get there. The process of designing communication helped Tata build stories and strategies that would move their organisation forward.  Our fun and creative approach worked wonders for Tata communications bridging the language and cultural gaps quickly so the teams could work more effectively on building strategies based on facts but built with emotion. 

Storytelling roadmapping strategy
We used storytelling to bridge the language and cultural gaps.

Laurens Priemis

Head of Development Center AS Watson

“Strategy” is the goal, ‘Ink’ is the tool!”

UBS testimonial

August Hataeck

Leader markets UBS South East Asia

“It’s amazing how Ink Strategy helped us get to the essence of our business transformation and turn ideas, PowerPoint and business language into a compelling visual story that engaged employees. Ultimately, it helped us speed up our transformation. Working with Ink is remarkably swift, to the point and engaging.”

Stephen Liller

Deputy director UNDP Moldova

“It’s been really, really inspiring to see all the staff, independent of what they are doing, speaking with authority about the situation in the country, their contribution and where we want to go. Its been very good.”





Dafina Gercheva

UN resident representative Moldova

“Ink Strategy is different”

Gerrit-Jan Steenbergen

Group Retail Technology Director A.S. Watson

“With help of Ink Strategy we successfully visualised our IT strategy for our business and made our complex multi-channel world simple again! ”





Caroline Heesbeen

HR Director Heat Vattenfall AB/Nuon

“I’ve experienced that you are exceptionally good listeners: you truly hear what we say and act upon it. It’s been a real pleasure working with Ink Strategy”






Robert-Jan Coerant

Tender Manager BAM Techniek

“ Working together with INK really helped to communicate our project plan to our client. Like they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Not only is the message we wanted to carry out supported by drawings and visible at a glance, the process also helped us to specify the text to make it more to the point.

Above all, working together on the visual output of our plan is great fun and keeps the team motivated!”

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