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Cyber Ready 2021

Delivery page for A.S. Watson Cyber Ready campaign


Cyber Ready 2019

We've designed and delivered many engaging materials, such as animation, printables, and many other collaterals. The following links contain the EXPORTED files for all deliverables and the SOURCE FILES for the printables.

Landing cover.jpg

Logos & Stickers

A logo is the most recognizable graphic symbol of a change program. Simple yet meaningful. We've adaped the program logos from 2019 and incorporate them into printable stickers and slogans.


Styles Guide & Characters

As one of the most important prerequisite of the program, The style and look and feel that will be used for all corporate communication around the Cyber Ready campaign. The style guide includes the font, characters, colour palette, and the general aesthetics of animation settings.

21 Animation1.jpg


Here we have generated animations from the storylines, voiceovers, and graphic elements.  With the link below, you may preview the clip as well as download the version in different resolutions.

Extra Materials

These materials are what the characters and stories come to life. The messages become physically or digitally tangible when the designed posters, banners, stickers, Email banners are translated and distributed.

* We are still updating some of the deliverables.

2019 ASW CyberReady_ELearning_Mac Mockup


Cyber Games

Hohoho, we're turning the stories to interactive digital games. While the playful learning modules give more incentives to complete, the users can validate their understanding and gain valuable insights from the lead characters.

* We are currently designing the intro animation of the game.
password: ASwatson2021



We got shirts and hoodies in the house!

The Cyber Awareness characters found themselves in clothing (T-shirts & hoodies) and other accessories (mask, keychord, etc.). 

* More to come...Nothing can limit them but budget 😊.

2021 ASW CyberReady_Maskbox Mockup.jpg

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