Cyber security awareness engagement

Building an engaging communication plan to unroll a cyber security transformation. 


At As Watson digital threats are increasingly prevalent. We partnered with As Watson to build a sticky communication plan. The deliverables included  videos, animations, posters, e-learning and other awareness assets to support the global awareness roll out. 

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Consistent messaging based on characters

we created characters and a tag line think pause protect. Super easy to remember and we strived for consistency throughout the communication plan. 


Illustrating what could go wrong.

we focused on showing the audience what could possibly go wrong in cyber security; how they could be hacked. 

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An offline and online learning experience .

We've bridged the gap between business and IT by helping them communicate using the same vocabulary. As a result, IT understands the business and the business understands IT. This means better relations, and better and faster results. 

The visual toolbox we built in the process is used every day: a large poster, mousepads, a short animation and a booklet.

A.S. Watson also uses our tools to facilitate discussions about the future of IT. 

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