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Our services to help you...

Activate your organisation.

  • Workshops personal leadership

  • Routine design  

  • Rapid prototyping of solutions

  • Ideation sessions

  • Action planning and roadmapping

  • Team Retreat

The Activated Organisation is designed to thrive and grow. It has clear direction with leaders who lead by example. It is highly collaborative, empowering for its people and a meaningful place to work. 


In order to become Activated we offer tailored transformation journeys along 4 pillars that engage the entire organisation. Each interconnected pillar contributes to success. The stronger each pillar, the more activated you become.

Vision Driven.png

We work with organisations to envision their future and turn it into reality. 

Supportive Leadership.png

We help leadership ‘walk the talk’ and become a high performing team.

Networked Team.png

We support teams to translate vision to strategy and help break down silos.

Creative Contribution.png

We help drive engagement throughout the organisation so your people can be their very best.

We work with you to engage and inspire the whole organisation, from boardroom to work floor.  Get everyone and everything working together - better and faster.


When a shared, compelling story on where to go and why is missing or doesn't reach the people it should, a lack of direction and purpose is the result. People grow insecure and disengaged. Change becomes incredibly hard. 

The challenge.

The service.

Vision Driven.png

Vision Driven.

We work with you to envision where you want to go and define the behaviour necessary to get there

Together with key stakeholders, we co-create your vision: whether that's on who you want to be as an organisation or department, the ideal way of working, desired behaviour and culture, a process, or anything you envision. 


Our facilitated conversations and visual designs rapidly lead to insights and alignment within your leadership team. 


A written vision is easily ignored but our visuals are memorable. People connect with the bigger picture so they see it, feel it and get it. Combine this with powerful storytelling and you make your vision available for everyone. 

Types of projects.

  • Vision development and design workshops

  • Bigger picture design

  • Storytelling for Impact workshops

  • Core values and desired behaviour workshops


The challenge.

A clear vision provides a compelling story to tell but if leaders don't 'walk the talk', change will not happen. 


To embody the necessary change and lead in an effective manner, leaders need self-reflection and a supportive team of peers. A team in which they can be a member rather than a leader. A team with a strong basis of trust, shared goals, clear roles and commitments. The broader organisation will always reflect the quality of its leadership. 

The service.

We coach and develop leadership teams to 'walk the talk', collaborate as a high performing team and build leadership maturity. Always in service of the vision and team responsibility. 


When we work with you, we make it real. We create and hold the space, while we address the real issues and build autonomy. Expect us to bring in a systemic perspective to understand the deeper causes of behaviour and team dynamics.


Empower. Enable. Inspire.

  • Leadership development workshops

  • Team development programmes

  • Individual and team coaching

  • Train the trainer

Types of projects.

Supportive Leadership.png

Supportive Leadership.

We coach leadership to embody vision, develop leadership maturity and become a high performing team

Vison Driven
Supportive Leadership

The challenge.

networked teams.png

Networked Teams.

We support teams to translate vision to strategy and help break down silos.

Today’s challenges are often complex and ask for multidisciplinary teamwork to solve them. Silos can get in the way. They create a lack of insight into how other teams contribute to the value chain, what drives them and how to cooperate best. 

Ink Strategy says, ‘Ditch the Silos’! We help organisations achieve momentum, flow and transformation through networked teams: agile, multi-disciplinary, co-creative and owning the change.


We help you get clear about the process. We help you lay the tracks to reach your destination - and represent it in a meaningful visual. The goal is everyone knows who does what when, and who’s responsible for each stage.

The service.

Types of projects.

  • Deep dives on track strategies

  • Mapping roles and responsibilities

  • Multi-day organisational retreats

  • Facilitate cooperation between teams

Networked Teams

The challenge.

It’s your people who make things happen. But they need to know what’s in it for them. How do you connect and communicate the big vision with the whole organisation - and get everyone on board?

The service.

With the core team aligned, you’re ready to involve larger groups of people in creative contribution to the vision. Strengthen your story. Engage your workforce. Encourage them to be themselves and give their best.


We love sharing the power of storytelling. We also design cool communication tools - think animations, videos, interactive websites or offline roadshows - to get everyone involved in a fun yet purposeful way.

Types of projects.

  • Engagement roadshows

  • Animations and videos

  • Awareness assets

  • Interactive websites

  • Booklets, brochures and posters

  • Innovation Facilitation

Creative Contribution.png

Creative Contribution.

We help leadership ‘walk the talk’ and become a high performing team.

Creative Contribution

Success Stories?

Discover how our approach gets results for clients by reading our brochure, Change by Design: four Short Stories of Successful Transformation 

Activated organisations thrive

Get in contact with us to discover how working with Ink Strategy can help your organisation. 

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