Design Solutions.

Aligning vision.


Alignment on vision, strategy or business process. 

Your business needs a vision, acting as a compass that guides you in the change. We start with forming a core team with the most important stakeholders. Together we create the first design of your vision or strategy. The interaction between the conversation we facilitate and the visual we design, structures discussion and quickly leads to insights. The goal in this phase is a strong team, with one visual and one story that all team members agree with.

Types of projects:

  • Vision development workshops

  • Creating vision support

  • Strategy & roadmapping workshops

  • Process flow workshops

We helped KPN align.

Engaging people. 


Change communication for organisational engagement.

Engaged people create more impact. After vision alignment with the core team, you are ready for involving a larger audience and develop your vision or strategy even further. In this phase it is all about strengthening the story and engaging as many people as possible. We work a lot with storytelling and we design communication tools like animations, interactive websites or offline roadshows to involve everyone.

Types of projects:

  • Animations and videos

  • Interactive websites 

  • Booklets, brochures and posters

  • Storytelling workshops

  • Deep Dives with departments


Activating strategy.


Strategy activation workshops and leadership/team building. 

From ambition to realisation, that’s what activate is about. When everyone is engaged with the vision and strategy, we ask the question: what does this mean for people in daily work life? We help you define the behaviour that contributes to the vision, and design interventions that stimulate this. We redesign work routines and train leaders to guide people through the transformation.

Types of projects:

  • Workshops personal leadership

  • Routine design  

  • Rapid prototyping of solutions

  • Ideation sessions

  • Action planning and roadmapping

  • Team Retreat

Interested in using design in your change programme?

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