KPN the leading telecom provider in The Netherlands has always been a highly innovative company. Throughout their 100 year history they pushed the boundaries and were early adaptors of technologies such as the first telephone kiosk in 1931, connecting the first mobile calls in 1980 and introduced interactive television in 2006.


Within the context of the fourth industrial revolution KPN is taking an active approach to defining where and how they want to facilitate the most important trends within the digital transformation. 


Creating a compelling vision in technology

Within the this digital transformation a number of different work-streams were identified within the newly set up technology office. New teams were formed to work on the different work-streams. The teams were divided into three main topics focussing on the next generation network, new value propositions for clients and components of the digital transformation. 


Ink Strategy was briefed with the challenge to engage all of the different work-streams in a process to create a vision on where KPN would want to be within these topics.  Besides the co-creation process we were asked to develop material to support strategic communication towards the board and other work streams. 


Engaging with the workstreams.

In order to create alignment and engagement Ink Strategy sat down with each of the eight work-streams to create visual stories of the different teams by finding their own metaphor to tell the story. 

Following a grassroots approach to designing vision from the bottom up we collected all of the individual stories into one overarching organisational vision that connected the dots. 


A team of Inkers worked with KPN for half a year to design and iterate on the visions and help create compelling change communication material to engage the rest of the organisation. 

We also facilitated storytelling workshops with different stakeholders in order build personal stories around the vision. 

An example of a video used for internal communication. 

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