IT Transformation Manpower.


ManpowerGroup asked us to help navigate the change component of a complex business transformation. The direct cause for their request was the implementation of a new IT system that required a change in behaviour from leadership, management and most people working in the different teams.



Defining vision &
change needed.

new behaviours.

As a prerequisite for successful change we first increased insight in why the transformation was necessary with a bigger picture of the ManpowerGroup vision. Building on this vision we then analysed the organisation as a system to identify what actually needed to change.

The introduction of new behaviours was one of the change levers we identified. This meant we worked with leadership to define and work through the implications of showing these new behaviours. After securing commitment at the leadership level, we created a train-the-trainer workshop and matching toolkit to enable management and a group of ambassadors to engage all employees on the new behaviours.

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Clarity on roles &

Next to initiatives on behaviour, we designed a visual overview of the value chain that also showed the different roles and IT responsibilities to improve internal cooperation and to increase ownership.


To ensure coherent and effective communication throughout the project, we defined a communication plan together with the comms department right at the beginning outlining target groups, main messages, objectives and channels. Visualisations of the vision, project planning, value chain, roles and responsibilities and change story brought the transformation to life.

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Willingness to change &
new behaviors.


As people really understand why ManpowerGroup wants to transform and what this means for them, willingness to change and to make it happen has been high. The new IT systems have been successfully implemented and new behaviours are consistently discussed throughout the organisation.

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