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How do Leaders break Old Behaviour Patterns and become more Proactive?

ManpowerGroup asked us to help navigate the change component of a complex business transformation. The direct cause for their request was the implementation of a new IT system that required a change in behaviour from leadership, management and most people working in the different teams.

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Seriously Playful, Deeply Empowering.

Based on interviews, we created a visual overview of the existing system of leadership behaviours - and which ones needed to be broken. We designed a business game which gave leaders a safe and playful space to talk about, share and reflect on how their behaviours affected others.

We identified ways to change less helpful behaviours. As partners in change, we used the existing system analysis and 1:1 check-ins to hold people accountable, coach leaders and reinforce new behaviours.



Embracing New Behaviours for Better Impact.

The visual overview helped leaders gain fresh insights into their own behaviour. They saw and understood how that affects the organisation. They had clarity about roles and who does what. They adapted their leadership style with more focus on observing, experiencing and listening. By embodying the new vision, leaders were able to empower their people to be more proactive with clients, tasks and problem-solving. 

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