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A New Narrative for Refugees: Ink at Spark IGNITE 2018

Yesterday, we had the honour of participating in and facilitating the 6th Ignite conference hosted by Spark in support of entrepreneurship for refugees. The theme was ‘New stories: Rebuilding futures.’

During the day we asked the audience, consisting of NGOs, refugees, corporate companies and governmental institutions to share their success stories. We asked how they reached their business dreams or supported refugees in reaching theirs? In response we heard amazing stories from some unbelievably skilled people who overcame seemingly unbearable situations, especially from countries such as Uganda which lead the way in matters of inclusivity and much, much more.

Together we created a new narrative for refugees; they are not people in need but people who are creative, adaptable and resilient who want a better education, so they can create their own new lives and their own stories. So, let's spread the word and develop this narrative of a skilled and eager person from a different country instead of always seeing a needy refugee because in the end we are all human and sometimes we must all overcome unbearable situations.

Below you can get an impression of the four workshops we facilitated: What businesses can do for refugees? Reconstruct Syria with vocational education! Bridging the gap: Graduation to employment and New Stories: Syrians outside of Syria and the central visual we created.

For more information about SPARK IGNITE 2018 have a look at their website: .

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