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Organisational processes can be far too complex. By not understanding or engaging with all of the steps, employees can often create their own way of executing them, creating double or unnecessary work in the process. Visual thinking can reduce this complexity, creating greater employee engagement. Your entire company can gain a better insight into how a process works and can ask fundamental questions throughout the design process and identify themselves easily within the visual story. Below is a visual metaphor that we created to support the launch of a new project. Turn your PowerPoint with a flow process into something that looks like this: 

Bigger picture drawing prepare for launch.

The advantages of visual thinking: 

1. Visual thinking helps to effectively manage expectations and alignment: By drawing the ideas of different team members you can check whether they are realistic and align with each other. 

Ink strategy drawing ambition

2. Visual thinking promotes innovation: The visual thinking design process is carried out in co-creation with a diverse team from your company. Various ideas and challenges pop up and are discussed from different perspectives. By facilitating these unexpected and necessary viewpoints we create an engaging and innovative look at your process and team dynamics. In the design workshop we combine all your ideas from the very first to the last.

Ink strategy deep dive about track record and output of scan

3. Visual thinking helps in each and every one of your future steps: Using the visualisation of your process as a best practise creates the possibility to repeatedly reflect on how you can move forward in your business. It can also be used at various other moments throughout your strategic management, for example: to create a road-map towards the future, in developing a vision for your team or company, to focus more on your clients / products and to use as a visual customer / product journey. Find some examples of how we use visual thinking here:

Bigger picture chapter roadmap

Do you have any questions or want to create more simplicity, alignment and a compelling story for your company? Just call or email us 020 261 52 77,

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Tristan Ozero

Tristan Ozero is one of the founding partners at Ink Strategy and has been working in changing environments for more than a decade. His passion is applying human-centered design thinking to help organizations innovate and do things differently from the start.

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