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Clean your webcam lens!

Occasionally, virtual meetings end up being even more effective than face-to-face meetings. Virtual conferences and user generated content are becoming more widely used than ever before. What does this mean? We are spending more and more time behind our cameras. So how do you make sure you look picture perfect for your video call? We pulled together a few of our best tips on how to face your online appearances.

1. Clean your lens.

Firstly, and most importantly, clean your camera lens before your call with some rubbing alcohol. Might as well clean your hands while you're at it. #flattenthecurve

2. Diagonal natural light.

Rotate your table to be sitting diagonally in front of a window. Avoid front-facing-light or back-light at all costs. 

3. Clean up your clutter.

Your house is probably already spick-and-span, but just in case your kids have been toilet-papering your home office, take a minute to clear the space around you. This creates a calmer image. Next step is to clear up the clutter you just hid from the camera's view. 4. Dress to the occasion. Don't feel like you need to get too dressed up, but we recommend you skip the hoodies and pyjamas. Wear pants at all times.

5. Avoid wearing headphones. You're not an air traffic controller and probably don't want to look like one, so skip the big headphones and opt for a more subtle listening device. 6. Take distance from the wall. Create space between you and the walls around you to give your audience some room to breathe. This will give you and your counterpart that little bit of extra space, making the call that much more enjoyable.

7. Personal decoration. Show your audience who you are. Hang up some artwork, a picture or two and add a plant in the background. 8. Camera level=Eye level. Elevate your camera to eye level. Nobody wants to be staring at your chin while talking to you. If you can move your camera back a bit to show your hands, even better.

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