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Fun remote team building activities during lockdown.

Last year, our roundtables on the ‘future of work’ and ‘remote working’ highlighted a few key findings. A main theme discussed in both is that during lockdowns, those informal and spontaneous contact moments between colleagues have virtually disappeared. Meeting people face to face in a casual way is important to feel energies, pick up on each other’s spirit and get a feeling for peoples' frames of mind.

Working remotely has changed the way we work. This also means leadership has had to change and adapt to this new world. It has therefore become increasingly important to facilitate social interactions between people, in addition to ensuring that the actual work gets done!

Considering it looks like the foreseeable future will have lockdowns in varying degrees and lengths, INK Strategy is putting emphasis on making sure our colleagues meet remotely in a fun way. Not only to work or do functional team building exercises for the benefit of the company, but for our colleagues to just have fun together.

Are you struggling to keep your team engaged in a fun way? Here are a few tried and tested ideas for remote fun.

1) Jackbox Games - Difficulty level 2

Our number one pick is Jackbox Games. Local multiplayer games, but with a few extra steps; it’s easy to get a game started with others in remote locations. One team member shares the screen and the others log in on their mobile devices.

2) Virtual Escape Rooms - Difficulty level 7

Our second pick is a virtual escape room experience. Within this game you need to print out an individual package of clues in order to solve the puzzles. This is a great online team-building event designed to stimulate creativity and increase collaboration.

3) Poker tournament - Difficulty level 7

Get those minds buzzing with a bit of harmless gambling! Actual money spending is optional but it’s a great way to get your team into revving up their competitive spirit. There are numerous different websites and apps for online games.

4) Live Cooking Event - Difficulty level 9

Nothing brings your team together like cooking together. What’s even better? A live cooking event with a three star chef! Let a Michelin star chef guide your team during a live stream towards a fancy three course meal.

5) Tiny Campfire - Difficulty level 3

It’s all the fun of a real camp night including a virtual campfire that includes historic ghost stories, icebreaker games, little competitions and real s’mores making . Before your event, you will be sent a list of ingredients to assemble a tiny campfire kit. A list of fun facilitated sessions can be found here

6) Remote Pub Quiz - Difficulty level 5

You might not be able to meet at the pub, but you can have a drink and still have fun trivia night! Click here for a list of trivia questions or try getting automatically generated quizzes with . You can use Zoom to record the questions.

7) Share a Breakfast - Difficulty level 2

At Ink we have a check-in every morning to see what our plan is for the day and where our heads are at. Try starting a bit earlier with your check in and have breakfast together. Arrange to have the same food delivered to each team member and make this morning ritual a (virtually) social one!

8) Online Pictionary - Difficulty level 5

A more innocent game for the whole team but slightly more challenging is online pictionary. A game that most people are familiar with can be a good way to break the team into playing together remotely. Don’t underestimate the challenge accompanied with internet delays and static. At least you’ll get a laugh out of it though!

Who said you couldn’t have fun from your remote office!? There are so many options out there. Here is a great resource with more ideas of simple and more complicated games that you can play with your team remotely.

And don’t forget, one of Ink Strategy’s core offerings is facilitating team building sessions! If you are looking for someone to facilitate an in depth team building session get in touch with us here.

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