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Our insights about successful transformations after working with the top 100 companies in NL.

A new way of working to spend less and enjoy more, implementation of a new technology to know the client better, or development of a new product to boost revenue: organisations and their people face countless opportunities but usually need to change in order to seize them. 

Now, when people need to change but don’t really understand why change is necessary and meaningful, they experience uncertainty and stress. If people can’t connect to the vision that drives change, they show rigidity and resistance when creativity and flexibility are needed. In other words: for a transition to be successful, a compelling vision is key. 

In practice, 70% of all transformations fail because a clear vision is missing, or because it’s not being communicated well. All people see is an annoying, time consuming transformation process.  

A good vision explains why change is needed, what its benefits are, and creates a clear sense of direction. It’s thanks to a shared vision that organisations can give room to their people to experiment and be creative without the risk of losing track. Vision gets people united and engaged to bring it to life.

At Ink Strategy we combine design and consultancy to determine and design vision, get everybody connected, and fuel change with interventions. Using visual facilitation is one of our trademarks as it triples the effectiveness of all the change consulting we do. This is how we guide people to a bright future. 

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