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Remote icebreakers and energisers.

Recently, Ink Strategy launched a remote facilitation training. The Ink team has invested a lot of time and energy in researching the best online tools for virtual meetings. Our conclusion? We decided on Mural as our co-creation tool of choice, and Zoom as the go-to video conferencing tool.

Why Mural? We have found it offers a quick learning curve for new participants and it has easy voting sessions. Zoom works best for us as a video conferencing tool because of the flexibility around digitally mimicking break-out rooms, its crisp audio and the fun backgrounds. With gratitude, all in all we are starting to resume life as normal with our clients but in a new, interesting, and remote digital way.

Our team having fun with a creative background contest.

Our new Remote Facilitation course teaches participants all of the tips and tricks to ace remote sessions. The experience based curriculum ranges from how to prepare for a remote meeting, setting up tailor made templates for use in every day meetings, to how to engage your organisation with the material collected during the meeting. All of the basics plus more to help you better your remote working experience, including remote energisers.

A snapshot of some of the ideas participants came up with for creative ice-breakers.

We had a lot of fun during the training hearing participants' unique and creative icebreakers and energisers that would work well in a remote session. Here are a few icebreakers that you can easily put into practice in your next remote meeting:

Sing! Sing a karaoke song together for team bonding. Don't forget to make a video clip to remind everyone of their fantastic performance later.

Start an impromptu race to get your cat or dog (or whatever other random pet you might have at home) and show it to the group. This exercise gets people on their feet and moving around. It's a great exercise to do just after lunch to rebound from the after-lunch-slump. 

Challenge everyone to come to the next meeting with their most creative virtual background. Guaranteed to be fun and get the creative juices flowing.

Ask someone in the meeting to share their worst haircut experience, then pass the ball to someone else in the group. This one keeps the atmosphere informal and you'll have a good laugh. 

Ask everyone in the session to drag and drop the first CD they bought as a child and use this as a tool to start a more personal introduction to get to know each other. After the session make a Spotify list with the hits for further engagement. #nojudgement

You can ask everyone to draw their favourite meal on a piece of paper or directly in Mural using the icons then showcase it to the group. This one connects the offline and online environment.

Instigate a simultaneous group primal scream to shake things up.

Interested in learning more about our remote facilitation training? Make sure you get in touch!

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