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Ink’s Stamp Design Challenge

Have you found it difficult to bond with your team as work from home becomes our normality, and touching your colleague is restricted to the elbow tap?

It surely didn’t stump us and our creative minds. So here we present to you the Ink’s Stamp Design Challenge. Linocutting is been used as the vehicle to show our creativity and reconnect as a team.

Challenge Content

  • Challenge #1: design a round stamp with your Non-human alter ego.

  • Challenge #2: design a lino cutting masterpiece under the title “Ready to Change”

On the kick-start day, we released the themes of the challenge and distributed the lino-cutting tools. Matty designed a presentation with all the information we needed to get started.

Check our masterpieces

For Challenge 1 "Your non-human alter ego", we were all very creative. Everyone from our team had a totally different alter ego. Some see a particular animal as their alter ego and some a self made cartoon. Can you match the stamps with the Inkers?

For Challenge2 “Ready-to-change” (You may have noticed “change” has been an essential word for Ink Strategy. ). Designing transformation driven by vision is what we do! At this moment we're living in a time where change has been forced upon us from external factors. We have to adept to new situations around Covid-19. See below a selection of our “Ready-to-change” creations.

“ All change starts within.” -Martijn / NJITRAM

“Flying octopus (most flexible animal) in front of your window” - Bob

“Changing into bigger and nicer pants. Sure, it’s a metaphor” - Matty

Organizer’s Note

If you wonder how this is communicated remotely, here is the Stamp Challenge Introduction.

A friendly thanks to MelanieWatercolorist for giving tips and supplying the materials with lino-cutting.

Final Disclaimer: ⚠️ Tools are sharp! Ink or Matty (organizer) will not be accountable if you injured yourself.

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