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This is the way to get your strategy to stick!

A clear strategy is an important starting point for any organisation, especially at the beginning of the year. Generally, management all get a chance to read and edit a strategic document, to fill in the gaps and add missing bits and pieces. The corporate strategy monster starts to grow into a 43 page document. Unfortunately no one will read a 43 page document. Your goal as management is not to get a strategy 100% correct but to get everyone 100% engaged and that is where storytelling come in… people naturally gravitate towards a well crafted story with a personal touch.

Here is a snapshot of a storytelling workshop we facilitated to develop a compelling transformation story to communicate a large scale transformation within ING bank.

The advantages of telling a personal story over sharing a 43 page PowerPoint document

1. Storytelling cuts through complexity.

A personal story reverses the interaction from push to pull. A great story pulls your audience towards the strategy. At Ink Strategy we always look for a personal story that puts your people in the driving seat.

2. Storytelling creates ambassadors.

Storytelling connects a personal experience with the strategy. Through this intervention people are more willing to tell the story to others. It becomes their story.

3.Develop compelling content.

Through storytelling workshops you can easily identify great stories to share in the organisation. Your organisation is full of great stories from real people. listen to the stories and capture them to create content for your strategic communication plan support your transformation.

Storytelling is essential in communicating an organisations vision but it also can be used as an intervention to communicate quick wins, put an employee’s personal story in the spotlight or to help showcase the results during the last stages of a project. See another example of storytelling here

Do you have any questions or want to create more simplicity, alignment or a compelling story for your company? Just call or email us 020 261 52 77,

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