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How activated is your organisation?

 Do you have a vision but are you having trouble turning it into reality? Do this scan to get some inspiration on how to kickstart the change.  


Ink Strategy works with organisations to get them unstuck. The opposite of stuck is what we call activated and that’s what we help our clients to become. This 7 minute quick scan is designed to help you determine how activated your organization is, and provide proven recommendations and next steps for activating your organization and making vision available to everyone! 


Start the (visual) quick scan..

  • Answer the questions online anywhere, anytime 

  • Use any device, including your phone

  • 16 questions in total 

  • Receive a customized report with recommendations and next steps

  • Plan a free call or meeting with an Inker

Your results 

Within a couple of hours we will send you your results of the quick scan with our top recommendations on how to get your organisation more activated towards your future inspiring vision. 

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