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Remote facilitation.

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Ink Strategy has a digital workspace where visual co-creation can happen. We recognise the importance in today’s climate to make remote collaboration a comfortable and effective way of working. We have tried and tested several platforms to offer the best solution for remote team work. Our team will ensure that a remote facilitation session will feel just like everyone is in the same room together. 

A place to tackle large ideas.

Our digital sessions bring teams together, allowing them to collectively solve big problems using visualisations while utilising innovative technology. This empowers teams and creates a safe space for strategic thinking.

Design Brainstorms

Team Alignment

Scenario planning

Crisis Management

Coaching and training

Facilitation tools.

Ink uses the following tools to facilitate your team remote working sessions. We feel these offer the best quality remote collaboration out there. Ink Strategy’s facilitators are trained and familiar with these tools, making facilitating your session a comfortable process, just like if it was in person. 


How does it work?

Everyone enters a video conference and connects to a collective digital design space. An Ink facilitator will then guide everyone through the session, giving space for participants to share ideas, encouraging participation, all while facilitating next steps.  There are a variety of flows available to meet your objectives. The meeting can also include personal check-ins, ice-breakers and games.

In general, your team will benefit from: 

  • A shared work space where participants can add ideas even when everyone else is offline

  • Co-creation between colleagues in a digital playground

  • Following people in real time while they are presenting

  • ‘Breakouts,’ where it is possible to do ‘deep dives’ into a particular subject 

  • Conversations coming alive with drawings

Benefits from working remotely

A digital space for collaboration is a necessary part of the accelerated digital transformation ahead of us. Working online makes business sense for numerous reasons: 

  • Faster decision making resulting in projects getting done on time

  • Teams travel less

  • Creates more time for preparation and focus

  • Enhances the digital culture

  • Utilises the cloud which means working from any device, any time

Companies doing it. 

Ink Strategy has already been successfully working digitally with several companies, proof that you are in good hands!


The investment. 

The workshop consists of 4 digital group meetings. Each meeting is 2 hours at the beginning of the week and will have a maximum of 10 participants. After each meeting you will receive a homework assignment that should take a minimum of 4 hours to complete. You will receive individual feedback on all of your homework assignments in the form of a recording, to help with your own personal development. 

Class will be given in either Dutch or English dependent on the participants. You can work either digitally or traditionally but you’ll definitely need some pens and paper.


This workshop costs € 300,-(excluding VAT)


Sign up here!

This workshop is for anybody who wants to level up their visualising skills and communicate in an engaging manner to influence others. This class is suitable for beginners and those who are already comfortable in visualising. 

Next class starting date will be determined.

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