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Working remote with Ink Strategy.

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Using design thinking

with remote teams sounds challenging!  

The Covid-19 crisis rightfully leaves our offices empty and pushes everyone to work from home. Luckily we have amazing technology at hand to work with you wherever you are. 

Whether through Skype for Business, Teams, Hangouts, Zoom, Mural, or other means, we lend a digital hand to get your team working remote and keep your business running. 


So do you want to align on vision through a visual change story? Develop engaging communication tools? Or activate vision and strategy on the work floor? 


Explore what Ink Strategy can do for you. 


Ink helps you team get aligned 

Remote visual 


At Ink Strategy we have mastered remote working meetings to get your team aligned around an important idea.  We can help you facilitate an engaging brainstorm or meeting online using co-creation tooling that we promise will blow your socks off regardless of your project. 


Our virtual sessions include icebreakers, visualisation, post its and 100% co-creation. Ink Strategy can help your team get co-creating in no time. 

Learn new skills online in your own home

 Remote Visual Thinking Training

Working at home is a great time to learn how to draw. At Ink Strategy we organise tailor made visualisation and facilitation trainings for your team, all working remotely. Learn the basics of visual thinking in the corporate environment in the comfort of your own home.


Visualisation training includes digital group lessons, one on coaching, peer-2-peer learning and homework. Your kids can join for a bring your kid to work day. Get in touch to discuss an approach that fits your team working at home. 

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Read our tips in a blog post

General tips on remote working 

As our offices are closed down for the time being, to start off, Ink Strategy has set up a list of ten easy tips for you to read through including illustrations that will help you stay productive throughout the day. Put that extra time you have to good use. Remember to take a break to dance around in your living room. 

Read our tips in a mural overview 

Remote Facilitation best practices

If you are about to facilitate a remote meeting you might be looking fro some of the common challenges that others have run into in the past. We gathered a valuable list of best practices around preparation, facilitation communication and tooling from our own experience. Take a look at these tips and tricks and best practices. 

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Read our tips in a mural overview 

Tips on how to clean up your webcam

Often we see people struggling to look representable during a video conference. Follow these tips to look great for your next video appearance. 

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