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A Bright future for the UN

Ink Strategy - Visual Facilitators

"For the first time I’ve witnessed such extremely high levels of energy, engagement and enthusiasm by my colleagues."

Dafina Gercheva - UN resident representative Moldova

"It’s been really, really inspiring to see all the staff, independent of what they are doing, speaking with authority about the situation in the country, their contribution, and where we want to go. It’s been very good."

Stephen Liller - Deputy director UNDP Moldova

To get an idea of who we are and what we do at Ink Strategy, check out this video of a team retreat we facilitated for UNDP Moldova:

About Ink Strategy

Ink Strategy is a visual design consultancy based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are a close-knit team of strategists, facilitators,

and visualisers. We make ideas visual to accelerate thinking, align and engage people.


When you meet us you'll notice we are fun, ambitious, listeners, familiar with the UN organisation and able to turn complex matter into appealing visual stories to get people engaged.


Ink Strategy is a social enterprise - our ultimate company goal is to win the Nobel Peace Prize. 

A selection of prior work for the UN

Facilitation of a workshop on medicine procurement

and developing a UNDP value proposition (40 participants)

Train the trainer social cohesion workshops for capacity building, UNDP Myanmar (2000+ participants)

Vision retreat UNDP Ukraine (225 participants)

Vision retreat UNDP Moldova (135 participants)
For more info check

When Ink Strategy can help out:

vision building

We believe a shared vision is essential for motivation and direction. It's a great driver of change. 


Ink Strategy can help you bring your vision to life, engage your people and empower them to tell an engaging vision story. 

Workshop / retreat 


We believe in interactive, personal and high energy meetings. When everybody is involved and when you capture the essence of what's been shared, you can achieve great things.

Ink Strategy can help you design and run workshops or retreats - whether the goal is knowledge sharing, stakeholder buy in, team or vision building, or developing a business case.  

Train the trainer

We believe in involving people. Most of the time, expertise isn't the problem, but help with communicating the message can be very valuable. Our trainer toolbox is filled with immersive tools. 


Ink Strategy can help out with effective train the trainer courses aimed at capacity building .

Value propositions

We believe new ideas are plentiful but need to be harvested in the correct way and challenged until they actually have value.


Ink can help you define new value propositions. Through our visualisation process we also provide appealing visuals or animations that can be used online, in reports or on social media to communicate your message.  

Like what you see?

Get in touch..

We'd really enjoy hearing about your work :-)

Get in touch,

Martijn Schreuder Goedheijt

+31 6 47 029 588

INK Strategy Danzigerkade 63a, 

1013AP Amsterdam, Netherlands

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