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 Remote Visual Thinking  Training.

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Increase your influence by adding visual thinking to your communication  toolbox!

In our training ‘Visual Thinking,’ you’ll improve your communication skills by learning how to visualise abstract thoughts into tangible concepts. Improving your communication skills means increasing your influence.

Read more about the practicalities, the curriculum and the next sign up dates. Or click here to register for the next training. 


Who is it for? 

This training is for anybody looking to expand his or her skills in working together effectively in a business setting. Have you experienced the value of someone quickly making a visualisation of an idea? Do you want to be able to do that as well? Then this training is for you! 

The value of visual thinking.

Visual thinking is a practical skill that adds value in many (business) situations. It creates clarity on a process, makes abstract concepts tangible and is fun!

  • Creates engaging meetings: Visualisations help people get engaged and create well formulated ideas. 

  • Formulates a clear holistic message: A visualisation forces you to step away from the details and take a birds eye, or holistic, view of the topic at hand. 

  • Sparks creativity: Showing a drawing forces people to figure out what they see, this sparks creativity.  

  • Co-creation: A drawing makes abstract thinking tangible. This creates an environment where people work together and iterate on a particular subject. 

  • Fun: Working visually energises your work.

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Why participate?

Visual thinking will help you improve your communication. Visualisations make it easier for people to understand you! Being able to foster understanding between people, build connections and inspire action increases your circle of influence. 


Expect to:

  • Understand the value of visual thinking 

  • Overcome the fear of drawing in a group

  • Build a visual library with elements you can use to translate abstract concepts into images

  • Understand how composition can influence the visual story of a drawing

  • Get tips and tricks on visual facilitation 

  • Master new online tools for virtual facilitation

  • Four weeks of fun!

What will I learn

Our training consists of a four week programme. Each week we'll cover a new topic during an intimate two hour group video lesson followed by homework and coaching. 


Drawing Basics

Learn about the basics of visual thinking.  We will teach you about line weight perspective, how to draw what you see and create depth on a flat piece of paper. 


In the second module you will learn how to draw people and gestures. People are important to build empathy and personal identification in your drawings. 


Objects & Things

You will build a large visual library of objects and things that are useful to draw. You will be able to translate abstract ideas into tangible visualisations. 




We will bring the modules together and show you practical templates to create visual stories that are captivating. We will challenge you to quickly put together a visualisation. 

People & Gestures

The investment. 

The workshop consists of 4 digital group meetings. Each meeting is 2 hours at the beginning of the week and will have a maximum of 10 participants. After each meeting you will receive a homework assignment that should take a minimum of 4 hours to complete. You will receive individual feedback on all of your homework assignments in the form of a recording, to help with your own personal development. 

Class will be given in either Dutch or English dependent on the participants. You can work either digitally or traditionally but you’ll definitely need some pens and paper.


This workshop costs € 500,-(excluding VAT)


Sign up here!

This workshop is for anybody who wants to level up their visualising skills and communicate in an engaging manner to influence others. This class is suitable for beginners and those who are already comfortable in visualising. 

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