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Change by design.

We work with teams to envision their vision, strategy, culture and turn it into reality.

Your partner in transformation.

Work with us in change initiatives, large scale transformation, innovation, or strategy activation.

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Ink Strategy is your guide to an activated organisation

Why change by design?

We believe that successful organisations are driven to add value. They are excited to seize opportunities and change when necessary. They are “Activated Organisations“.

People that are part of organisational change today call for an approach that’s human-centered, empowering and fresh. Agile through taking it step by step, yet at the same time holistic to make real change despite the complex forces that shape an organisation.

We’ve experienced you get these qualities when change consultants and designers work together. That’s why we’ve shaped our company around the idea of “Change by Design” for successful transformation. Organisational change

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A different way shaped by our DNA

The Ink Strategy experience.

Ironically, many change programs unintentionally reinforce what they were meant to change. We think this is because real change touches the fundamental patterns that have run your business in the past, and it’s hard to see these patterns when you’re in it. Also, to do it differently requires vision, courage and perseverance – a successful change process means a confrontation with ‘the old’.

To embody the change you envision right from the start we collaborate in a way that’s shaped by our unique DNA. You’ll experience working with us to be iterative, visual and playful, and our interventiors to be about co-creation, empowerment and building real connection.

This is how our close-knit team of change makers and designers supports you on a journey of transformation.

Your partner in transformation

We are your partner in transformation. Expect us to explore your organisation’s challenges to fully understand what’s needed before we propose a customised set of interventions and involve the right people.

Work with us to experience change by design.

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Our services

On the following, depending on your challenge.

Our services
Change by design

Vision Design

We work with organisations to envision their future and turn it into visual and tangible stories available for the entire organisation.

Strategy Activation

We facilitate teams to turn vision into achievable strategic plans and actionable steps on where to allocate resources for maximal impact.

Supportive leadership, scale uplifting a leader Change by design

Leadership and Team Development

We support leadership to walk the talk and explore how they can deal with the complexities of embodying new behaviours needed to reach the vision.

Innovation Coaching

Our innovation coaching approach helps teams choose and master the right design tools to inspire new ground breaking value proposition and business model designs.

Our cases

Robert-Jan Coerant

Tender Manager BAM Techniek

“ Working together with INK really helped to communicate our project plan to our client. Like they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Not only is the message we wanted to carry out supported by drawings and visible at a glance, the process also helped us to specify the text to make it more to the point.

Above all, working together on the visual output of our plan is great fun and keeps the team motivated!”

Caroline Heesbeen

HR Director Heat Vattenfall AB/Nuon

“I’ve experienced that you are exceptionally good listeners: you truly hear what we say and act upon it. It’s been a real pleasure working with Ink Strategy”






Gerrit-Jan Steenbergen

Group Retail Technology Director A.S. Watson

“With help of Ink Strategy we successfully visualised our IT strategy for our business and made our complex multi-channel world simple again! ”





Stephen Liller

Deputy director UNDP Moldova

“It’s been really, really inspiring to see all the staff, independent of what they are doing, speaking with authority about the situation in the country, their contribution and where we want to go. Its been very good.”





UBS testimonial

August Hataeck

Leader markets UBS South East Asia

“It’s amazing how Ink Strategy helped us get to the essence of our business transformation and turn ideas, PowerPoint and business language into a compelling visual story that engaged employees. Ultimately, it helped us speed up our transformation. Working with Ink is remarkably swift, to the point and engaging.”

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