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Change by Design.

We activate your employees to connect and contribute to your organisation's vision

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Your partner in transformation.

Work with us to design vision, strategy and the human side of change


Why change by design?

We believe that successful organisations are driven to add value. They are excited to seize opportunities and change when necessary. They are "Activated Organisations". 


People that are part of organisational change today call for an approach that's human-centered, empowering and fresh. Agile through taking it step by step, yet at the same time holistic to make real change despite the complex forces that shape an organisation. 


We've experienced you get these qualities when change consultants and designers work together. That's why we've shaped our company around the idea of "Change by Design" for successful transformation. 

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Ink Strategy is your guide to an activated organisation 

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Session facilitation

A different way shaped by our DNA

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The Ink Strategy experience.

Ironically, many change programs unintentionally reinforce what they were meant to change. We think this is because real change touches the fundamental patterns that have run your business in the past, and it's hard to see these patterns when you're in it. Also, to do it differently requires vision, courage and perseverance - a successful change process means a confrontation with 'the old'. 


To embody the change you envision right from the start we collaborate in a way that's shaped by our unique DNA. You'll experience working with us to be iterative, visual and playful, and our interventions to be about co-creation, empowerment and building real connection. 


This is how our close-knit team of changemakers and designers supports you on a journey of transformation. 

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A tailored transformation journey 

We are your partner in transformation. Expect us to explore your organisation's challenges to fully understand what's needed before we propose a customised set of interventions and involve the right people. 

Work with us to experience change by design.

Like these awesome clients

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Dafina Gercheva

UNDP Country representative

"This team retreat has been a fascinating experience and we are so so happy that we partnered with Ink Strategy. For the first time I’ve witnessed such extremely high levels of energy, engagement and enthusiasm by my colleagues."

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