Change by Design.

How to create an activated organisation

Ink Strategy are intervention specialists. We help organisations achieve successful transformation to an activated, future-proof way of working.

We use our unique DNA – combining design and change expertise – to energise, inspire and empower people to actively contribute towards a compelling vision.

As a purposefully playful partner, we design and drive transformation programmes with awesome interventions and wow-factor visual communication tools. All managed to create sustainable change by design.

1. Building Activated Organisations

2. A Unique Design DNA

3. A Partner in Change

4. Visual Thinking for Contribution


The smartest organisations are driven to thrive. They add value to the world. They know what they want and understand the opportunities out there. But change is hard. It’s all too easy for resistance and old behaviours to get in the way. Look to the outside and traditional change management approaches can fall short.

Ink Strategy has a different way. Playful and serious, we combine the power of design thinking with a fresh approach to change management. People are engaged, organisations become activated, transformation happens. Here is how it works.


The Activated Organisation

We believe an activated organisation is built on four pillars, or drivers. The stronger the pillars, the more future-proof the organisation.

Change by design

Vision Driven

Vision provides the framework for purpose and direction. We help employees get aligned.

A written vision is easily ignored but our visuals are memorable. They make vision available to all. People connect with the bigger picture so they see it, feel it and get it.

The framework allows the flame to keep burning brighter: Fewer rules. Greater autonomy. Go-ahead behaviour. Creative contribution creating momentum and flow for change.

Supportive leadership, scale uplifting a leader Change by design

Supportive Leadership

A clear vision gives leaders a compelling story to tell. But it’s only as powerful as the way leaders behave – because people follow people.

We believe the agile leader must embody the vision through their actions and behaviours. They adapt their leadership style to match what the situation needs for the bigger picture.

Supportive the norm, to empower employees, yet more directive if challenges require.

networked team Change by design

Networked Teams

Today’s challenges are complex. To solve them, teams need to work together. We ensure everyone understands who does what and why what they do counts.

We say ditch the silos, share perspectives, co-create. When people ‘own’ the change it brings better clarity, communications and co-operation around the bigger goal.

creative contribution Change by design

Creative contribution

People are an organisation’s greatest asset. They turn vision into reality. It is why smart organisations put unique personal contributions at the heart of transformation.

We believe if people cannot be their true self at work, it’s best to leave – both for themselves and the organisation. Give people more responsibility. Allow employees to fail. Let individual talents shine. The more activated your people, the more activated your organisation.

A Unique Design
DNA in Change

Introduction Ink Strategy

We are Intervention Specialists who help organisations create change by design. The four pillars are woven into our DNA and form the focus of our work with clients.

Typical consultancy firms are either specialists in behavioural change or design. We combine expertise in change and design.


Our tailored design Interventions are shaped by three core principles of approach:

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Iterative describes our process of fail fast, learn fast, change fast. It tends to deliver better results. We can get something rapidly up to 80 per cent right, even with large groups.

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Visual refers to our awesome visuals. Sexy and memorable, unrivalled for communication clarity. Connect people. Encourage collaboration. Inspire contribution to the bigger picture.

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Playful is our way. We are playful for a purpose. Our co-creative interventions are energising, imaginative and fun to encourage different ways of thinking. Draw out the ‘unknown’. Create big momentum shifts. Get serious topics on the table. Work through the more challenging bits of the change process in a way that works.


Our customised behavioural change interventions have three guiding principles:

Co-creation is about working with the right people at each stage. Help employees align with the vision. Get people engaged in the collective process.

Empowerment supports people to grow and lead by example. We share our experience, insights and resources so organisations stay on course long after we are gone.

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Connection is about creating safe space for reflection, insight sharing and more courageous conversations. Get things into the open to overcome barriers to change.

A Partner
in Change.

As a change partner, we put things in place to ensure everything runs as it should.

Paradoxically, some traditional change management methods hamper change. For example, you cannot change a culture of ‘going through the motions’ by going through the motions.

Our approach is very different. We believe the process should embody the desired change from day one – and every step of the way. Using systems analysis to help understand an organisation’s needs, we match our customised interventions to meet the challenge.

Awesome Interventions

Ink Strategy has two types of interventions. One set helps organisations to work on vision, strategy, processes and responsibilities. The other helps people with beliefs and behavioural patterns, to create a growth mindset for lasting change.

Our interventions may include workshops, training sessions, large teambuilding events, innovation facilitation, deep dives and engagement roadshows. Always supported by cool visuals: think vibrant designs, drawings, puzzles, animations and interactive websites.

Holding the Change

As a genuine partner, we set things in motion to ensure desired change happens. We marry an iterative ‘sprint’ approach with management rigour. The organisation experiences relevant interventions. The right people are involved at the right time. The process keeps to deadlines and budget.

Visual Thinking
for Contribution.

The Employee Experience

We believe the successful change process experience involves co-creation, co-facilitation and immersion. It should feel exciting, energising, inspiring – yet also challenge people.

With Ink Strategy we promise NO change being “done to you”, NO grey suits and NO dull presentations. We bring our personality to play every day and urge all to do the same.

We encourage people to play outside of their comfort zone and into the activated ‘stretch’ zone. This reality check combined with space for individual growth progresses change.


Our mission is to make vision available for everyone, so each person understands how they can contribute to change. It is why our jaw-dropping visuals support our interventions.

Picture the organisational vision illustrated on a wall or giant canvas in reception, lobby, mezzanine or factory floor. The wow factor creates an instant impression. A daily reminder of purpose. A prompt to contribute. A genuine conversation starter.

Organisations for
Better Outcomes.

Our tailored interventions are about more than the awesome visuals, playful energy and ‘stretch’ of the Ink Strategy experience. We understand organisations want results.

Create a clear and compelling vision. Demonstrate agile leadership. Support and empower your people. Break away from silo thinking so teams work towards a collective win. Show employees how they can contribute towards successful change.

Activated organisations typically experience transformation and growth that lasts. It’s reflected in improved communications and collaboration. In happier, more engaged employees. In the greater creativity, energy and productivity of teams.

Improving performance requires change. We help organisations change by design.

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