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Tata Communications.

Co-creating 15 strategic roadmaps with leadership.






Human centered design process.

We had the chance to work with the Tata Communications 'deep dive' into the leadership's priorities for the next couple of years. Our challenge was to help develop team dynamics by visually facilitating discussions on the different strategic priorities. Our approach included lean start up, business model canvas and a people centred design approach. 

 Our approach included lean start up, business model canvas and a people centred design approach. 


During this 2- month engagement we worked with all departments...

Number of employees that developed a visual story around their own strategic priority:


Number of achtion plans developed to activate the strategy in the organisation:


Number of employees reached by an animation created after event:



We used visual thinking to fine tune and validate ideas during a three day event. 


Compelling storytelling to move the organisation forward.

Our deliverables during this project were visually attractive and well designed communication tools to communicate the strategy but more importantly we embraced a creative and engaging process in order to get there. The process of designing communication helped Tata build stories and strategies that would move their organisation forward.  Our fun and creative approach worked wonders for Tata communications bridging the language and cultural gaps quickly so the teams could work more effectively on building strategies based on facts but built with emotion. 

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